Customer Data Platform

Value your customers using every data touchpoint

Create better marketing campaigns that are personalised, consistent and deliver real-time customer experiences - increasing your revenue and helping you keep customers for life.

Customer Activity

See your customers full history both online and offline regardless of where their journey started.

Purchase Intent

Underdstand your customers next likely purchase using data such as order history, abandon cart and more.

Intelligent Personalisation

Customise your outreach campaigns using data that creates a richer personalised experience to influence sales.

Smart Segmentation

Target the right customers at the right time with unlimited data points.

A rounded view that makes perfect sense

Building the best customer experience

With a 360-Customer view you can now make better decisions for marketing, product, sales, and more - ultimately driving higher ROI.

By coupling data from all your applications, websites and more, you can analyse and get more out of your data which will help you target higher value customers improving your brand value and bottom line - all in just a few clicks.

Grow your business for free
The Next Generation of Personalised Marketing

Turn your audience into profit lifting customers using beautiful email campaigns, website personalisation and conversational messaging driven by real-time automation.

Build a full customer view with data from your favourite platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, WordPress, Square, Stripe and more.

Build your customer centric business

Everything you and your customers will ever need

Unify all your customer data into a single source

Person Profile

Complete overview of your customer - including their latest activity, which platforms they use and when.

Purchase Intent

Real-time recommendations based on your product libraries, platforms and campaign stats.

Campaign Personlisation

Create targeted email and messaging campaigns based on your customers behaviours.

Custom Data

Enrich your campaigns with purchase, user and custom data - putting all your data to work.

All in one solution

When data meets Cowe wonderful things happen

Extend your outreach and target your most engaged audiences with email, sms and targeted messages in realtime - helping you to complete your marketing strategy.

  • Launch SMS campaigns with live insights using data from any external source

  • Target at the right time with promotional messages using email automation

  • Drive more conversions with personalised targeted interactive messaging

Give your customers more reasons to celebrate your brand