Improving customer service

Gloriously improving customer experiences to maximize every touchpoint

Imagine running one of the most used passenger services with customers consistently relying on your service each and everyday to run like clock work.

Real-time Messages

Send live updates to customers by email and SMS keeping your customers engaged

Lead capture

Discover new customers to special offers and maximize revenue opportunities

Intelligent Personalisation

Unify data from external sources to target the right customers with information they want to read

Smiles all round

Gather feedback on the most important journeys to improve customer experiences proactively

Running a business where all eyes are on you

The train company that runs 24 hours

Delivering excellent customer service is a difficult task. Being able to use a service like Cowe enables businesses to proactively deliver better more personalised experiences through email and SMS, using powerful automation workflows, ultimately helping to keep customers coming back to the business.

Imagine if you ran one of the UK's most used train services. Now your business can greatly improve customer service simply by adding a few lines of code to your website - regardless if you are UK's most used passenger service or a one-person startup!

See Cowe in action on Thameslink
Impactful benefits

Keep your audience engaged and be at the heart of positive outcomes

Drive the results that puts your brand in the hands of your buyers with content that matters to them - with a fully automated email solution designed to help you succeed.

Discover new organic revenue


40x more new customers

  • 26% more open rates with full email personlisation

  • 760% increase in revenue with powerful segmentation and automation

Never lose another customer

Reach your full potential in minutes

The Next Generation of Personalised Marketing

Turn your audience into profit lifting customers using beautiful email campaigns, website personalisation and conversational messaging driven by real-time automation. Build your customer centric business for free