Influence customer purchases

Delivering smiles all round through a little influencing

If your business could let the world know how popular your product or service was think about how much more you could be selling overnight just like Petco.

Live purchases

Encourage more purchases by displaying live purchase information

Personalized messages

Display personalized messages based on real customer activity

Increase conversions

Drive urgency with real-time stock information

Rich analytics

See which products and services are getting the most engagement to tweek your messaging

Everything you do brings endless smiles

The petshop everyone talks about

Helping customers know which products will make their pets happy is a delicate process. Being able to use a service like Cowe enables businesses to proactively drive more sales by influencing customers with real-time information ultimately maximizing opportunites to softly sell more products.

Imagine if you ran a well love pet store. Now your business can help pet owners buy the best products for their animals - regardless if you sell locally or globally!

See Cowe working on Petco
Impactful benefits

Keep your audience engaged and be at the heart of positive outcomes

Drive the results that puts your brand in the hands of your buyers with content that matters to them - with a fully automated email solution designed to help you succeed.

Discover new organic revenue


40x more new customers

  • 26% more open rates with full email personlisation

  • 760% increase in revenue with powerful segmentation and automation

Never lose another customer

Reach your full potential in minutes

The Next Generation of Personalised Marketing

Turn your audience into profit lifting customers using beautiful email campaigns, website personalisation and conversational messaging driven by real-time automation. Build your customer centric business for free