Product Roadmap

Here are the key features we are working to improve your experience on Cowe. These enhancements will be released in the next 90 - 180 days.

New Product Features

WhatsApp Marketing - Coming Q2'22

This will enable users to manage their WhatsApp marketing camapigns directly in Cowe. You will be able to automate responses, send attachments and build a richer customer engagement journey through custom audience journeys. Users will also have access to the Cowe WhatsApp Business Marketing API to integrate WhatsApp into external applications. 

Social Campaigns

This will allow users to manage their social media accounts and campaigns directly in Cowe. Users will be able manage content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pintrest and Reddit with insights into what their customers like to maximize impact. 


Features Enhancements

Conversational Inbox - Completed

Users will be able to talk with customers via SMS and manage their customer interactions and get data insights within their chat window without having to create a new marketing campaign.  

Smart Assist

Users will be able to create campaigns using AI assistance and data from the Customer Data Center. 

Deep Insights

Users will be able to get deep ingishts into their website performance which will also be used by Cowe Smart Assist to drive the right targeted messages and more. 

Conversational SMS Expansion - Completed

We will be expanding Conversational SMS to work in all EU member states. 

Cowe Customer API

A new API that will allow all customer data to be externally available to other applications complementing the Conversational API, Marketing API and WhatsApp Marketing API. 

Automation Templates - Delayed until end of April 2022

Users will be able to select from preconfigured automation templates to build their customer journeys. 

Custom Code for Intelligent Messaging - Rolling out mid-April 2022

Users will be able to embed custom code from external applications such as Google, Facebook and more to be used on Intelligent Messaging.