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Helping you understand changes that have been made to the Cowe platform

Update October 2022 (Service Pack 2)


Changes to core modules

Customer Data Platform:
- Introduction of insights to see an overview of your customer base 
- Improvements to the search functionality users can now search for names, emails and phone numbers

Intelligent Messaging:

- Introducing the WhatsApp Smart Button
- Small bug fixes
- Improvement in image handling so if an image cannot be displayed it will not display an error
- To setup new campaigns domain names are now mandatory to assist with the rollout of Deep Insights




Update October 2022 (Service Pack 1)


Changes to core modules

WhatsApp Marketing:
- Introduction of the WhatsApp Module 
- Assisted Message added to support with drafting the right message to contacts
- Improvements to Cowe WhatsApp Marketing API

Intelligent Messaging:

- Changed default display time for notifications to 60 seconds from 5 seconds
- User interface improvements when creating and updating a intelligent message
- Six new intelligent messaging notifications
- Users can now add custom HTML content to notifications

Conversational SMS:
- Assisted Message added to support with drafting the right message to contacts
- New alert to advise Conversational SMS is only available in the UK
- New Monthly SMS quotas for all accounts

Core Services:

- New dashboard changes with subscription activity 
- Improved audience signup page with customers being able to change the background colour
- Default signup page for audience list now white instead of purple
- Changes to Audience List Overview
- Reduced required fields to create an audience
- Expanded audience fields in messages using webhook and integration data from when order mapping is setup
- New Consent Management functions for all modules that can be controlled in the Customer Data Center
- Automation improvements to include WhatsApp and audience fields
- New templates for WhatsApp and SMS campaigns
- Improved error handling
- Improvements to Cowe Web Services